Mover. Dancer. Artist.

"where does my body end, where does the world begin?"






Jamuna's focus is to experiment with movement philosophies, the exploration and exchange of cross-disciplinary concepts and techniques. She identifies herself as part of a new generation of contemporary-urban performers seeking holistic forms- sensing dance as way to perceive the world, a way to digest.


Performer from the associated Collective of Tanzhaus Zurich: THE FIELD 

Co-Founder of the Collective: ZOOKUNFT.PROJECT


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Maxi Schmitz - Scalable Skeletal Escalator / Isabel Lewis & Collaborators, The Field Christian Glaus - Encapsulation TRYOUT Platform Zürich / Jamuna & Diogo de Almeida Raffaella Allegra - ELA Angela Galmarini SRF - Scalable Skeletal Escalator Rehearsal / Isabel Lewis & Collaborators, The Field Leni O. - Postshowtalk SHOW OFF Zürich / The Field Music all rights @ Bonobo - Prelude