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Digging Holes & Sailing Salt

 by Jamuna Mirjam Zweifel & Léa Jullien 

Outside Eyes: Maureen Zollinger / Juliane Steenbeck


CHOREOGRAPHY & PERFORMANCE Mirjam Jamuna Zweifel SOUND Léa Jullien (Tropical Vegas)  SOUND Léa Jullien OUTSIDE EYE Maureen Zollinger, Juliane Steenbeck

COSTUME Mirjam Jamuna Zweifel Léa Jullien SHOWING TanzinOlten ShortCuts Nomination VIDEO Eve Mukkti SCHNITT Jamuna Mirjam Zweifel PHOTOS Eve Mukkti

For „Digging Holes & Sailing“ I am continuing a more personal research around the phenomena of holes in it‘s larger sense on how we access reality through our holes and what is may needed to fall in to a hole or to get out of it.

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