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Earthly Flux: A Study of Transitional Clay Bodies

By Claudia González Godoy and Jamuna Mirjam Zweifel / (RE)SHAPE virtual residency 2023

Estaquilla, Chile & Willadingen, Switzerland

Audiowalk  & Script Booklet

Video Cutting by Claudia González Godoy

photos Jamuna Mirjam Zweifel / Claudia González Godoy

Claudia Gonzales Godoy & Jamuna Mirjam Zweifel started together finding curiosity in their very own ecosystem living in during the residency (RE)SHAPE, in Estaquilla, Chile and Willadingen, Switzerland - two small places surrounded by forests and water bodies. By starting to write together a script to map their ecosystem, they more and more also acknowledge being together in the virtual residency accompanied by a third body; ChatGPT. Through this process many threads have been woven out of this written core element and landed in a dynamic translating system that tries manifolding ways to start a dialogue with the ecosystems - human and non-human beings are living in, accompanied by talks and exchanges with ChatGPT, while capturing elements of the ecosystems and researching their way of speaking in each ecosystem. It is less about naming things, but more about experiencing them and translating them in various media such as scores, photos, video records and audio records and after all, exchanged in the form of a triangle letter of friendship between Chile, Switzerland and the environment of Chatgpt.


The core script consist specifically out of questions, such as: 


What is the ground made of? 

What story tells the ground? 

What technology do you use to know the earth?

What do you and your practices sound like for the ecosystem and its species?

What is significant to the landscape?

Are there living organisms in the ground? 

What do they have to say?

How would you translate what they say?

What is your route through the territory?


Through a shared practice of writing audio walks, we find a way of getting in contact with the environment, sharing ways of approaching the topics and implementing questions from the core script.


Parallely, both artists specifically started to engage and share their relationship with the natural resource - clay. 

Clay becomes an anchorpoint, something to hold on, something to build on. And new questions arise from it, how to get in conversation with it through the body? How can it be transformed into natural pigments that can be used for drawing or as bodies of sound resonances? 

Clay specifically can be found in so many places, not only in natural territories but also in the biggest cities. 


In a digital logbook, where materials of these interactions get into a fantasy world of dialogues - the topic of the way of communication gets in a continuous flow of testing and trying out in a world that is constantly adapting, while we change the narratives with each engagement.


Shaping a multi-sensorial assemblage around the core script of this work, a learning field and territory of exchange, this growing map is reflecting on new attempts, how to start alternative relationships with our closest surroundings, but also with ourselves.


With this map we encourage the practice of new habits in a world that is still covered by capitalist thinking systems. Curiosity and the interest to formulate questions to understand this habitat in other ways could then become the twist of a new world we are acknowledging that we are entangled in.

Link Earthly Flux Booklet 

(RE)SHAPE is a virtual creation residency happening from February to May 2023 followed by presentations of the partner organizations.

The artist of the edition 2023 are @_claudiagonzalezgodoy @dshamuna @oli_roth @sebastianmejiaphoto@pantea.shayesteh @g.o.k.c.e.u.y.g.u.n @lizettechirrime@tngrm @elinzualo @l27chirrime

(RE)SHAPE is supported by a «To-gather» International Collaboration grant from Pro Helvetia – the Swiss Arts Council, the Südkulturfond, Fundación Mar Adentro and Tanzhaus Zürich. 

Partners @artcornerofteheran @chela.exacta@fundacionmaradentro @wixutta
@work_it_out_platform I Production @produktionsDOCK

Supported by @prohelvetia_johannesburg @tanzhauszuerich

‚Earthly Flux - A Study of Transitional Clay Bodies‘ was  on exhibition in the MAC Parque Forestal in Chile, Wixutta Knowledge Center (MOZ), The Art Corner ofTehran (IRN) and cheLA (ARG), Kulturhaus Helferei Zurich (CH)

List of presented works from (RE)SHAPE at the venues:

Behind the eyes
Pantea Shayesteh (IRN) + Lizette Chirrime (MOZ)
MetaRoutes: Performance, mapeo y cartografía.
Juan Pablo Margenat (ARG) + Gökçe Uygun (TUR)
Not being in the city without leaving it: Videoinstalación.
Oliver Roth (CH) + Sebastián Mejia (COL/CHL)
Siempre te levarei contigo: Instalación sonora.
Eliana N' Zualo (MOZ) + Tati Cuoco (ARG)
Earthly Flux: A Study of Transitional Clay Bodies.
Claudia Gonzaléz (CHL) + Jamuna Mirjam Zweifel (CH)


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