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by Studio Végété & Sara Merz

text by Jamuna.


(Acacia dealbata)



A glowing skin shivers the fine-limbed pupae.


A strong flow touches the fibre in the auricle


 it creates a bass 


so yellow, so present.




The fibrous joints spread vibrations  


as if to make a statement -




-lick gently with your tongue at my scalp.




When it moves, it moves together


with resonance and licked hair


- grasping space.




The room sends its fingers and touches the spinal cord 


soft and carefully.

"An anatomy fantasy of an Acacia dealbata -

Mirjam Jamuna wrote this reflection on the flower in the mode of spoken reflections on the human body called “interior anatomy fantasy" that formed part of the choreography in the experimental live art work - Scalable Skeletal Escalator - by Isabel Lewis

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