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Cyphering- Clay Edition

Molding Earths

 by Zookunnft.Project / Jamuna Mirjam Zweifel & Maureen Zollinger

​Zentralwäscherei Zürich, Switzerland 2022/2023

photo-output 10.JPG
photo-output 11.JPG
photo-output 13.JPG
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Molding Earths is a workshop-like improvisation session in which we encounter the material clay on the basis of a score. After a warm-up in the different fields, we will create a possible future architecture in unconventional ways and try ourselves in interaction with the material, in dance, documenting or in an intuitive parliament.


This is an experimental research series by Zookunft.Project.

About Interdisciplinary Cypher: 

Interdisciplinary Cypher (IC) is an experimental format for the exchange of different disciplines in a circle.

Inspired by the cypher in dance, open and supportive attention is given to the person or material in the center. The impulses from the center are taken up again by the others and spun further. This creates an information processing system that unites different perspectives towards a clear center and allows something new to emerge. 

As a temporary community, we are responsible for a safe space, respectful interaction and mutual support. All people are welcome to join.

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