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"Zero as a basis. Zero as repetition. Zero as a placeholder and as an amplifier. Is zero neutral?

O Emissions. Wishful thinking. Sweat. Creativity. Find your Zero State. Zero as a shape is a circle, consisting of an endless line. Zero is a numeric number - close to the Cypher. Start from zero first and then you're ready to go."

A 360-degree exhibition space will be used as an installation and performance space for 2 weeks in the old bus depot in Winterthur.


Using the principles of recycling, sampling, looping and remixing, we designed alternative realities that existed around the essence of "ZERO" through a long-term performance museum and various events such as workshops, open discussions and Moreida's pop-up market.


Florian Briw, Franka Rosalie Feder, Tara Filter, Diogo Ribeiro Goncalves Texeira de Almeida, Simon Hepner, Tatjana Mahlke, Ivan Giulio Minichiello, Milena Sundari Nowak, Hannah Juliane Steenbeck, Kofi Wahlen, Sui Thin Ip, Maureen Zollinger, Mirjam Jamuna Zweifel

Released in the frame of Kunst im Depot,

Residenz- Winterthur

Fotos + Film by 44Visual 

supported by Migros Kulturprozent, Stiftung Annemarie Schindler & Moreira Vintage Store

Sound by:

Diogo Ribeiro Goncalves Texeira de Almeida


Tara Filter, Assistenz Mirjam Jamuna Zweifel

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