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"Nature ruffles in your mind again."

"The questions where does my body end, where does the world begin? is occupying me a lot & leads me to explore the search for spaces & shells (digital, physical and imagined).The performative idea behind is the practice of creating landscapes, & with it, the integration of multiple disciplines. A big part of my artistic interest is additionally, undertaking research in the format of
"cyphering" (from urban cultures, specifically hip hop culture).

What are the codes, phylosophies & practices? How can we create alternative formats & communication systems that create a community, beyond digital spaces? How can we adapt the principles of symbiosis in living & working, in our system? What does it mean to question the hierarchy between human, plants, objects & animals, & with it, critically scrutinise the typical western systems of thinking.


To reflect these topics I use tools like scores, working with imagination, restriction, memory- tools, physical interviewing etc. The idea of „sampling/looping and remixing“ leads the topics to concrete material & allows arising new questions & understanding.

I think I am born in the exact right time period, Everything was already happening, it’s hard to invent something that not yet existed before.But exactly this is the fruitful generation, which has a huge palett to learn, sample, mix & remix. We have a large possibilty of sources, unconventional connections, collaborations, new ideas of combination, contextualization. I guess my generation with it’s quite new way of globalisation trough the internet, have a huge access to collages & we might rethink, recreate every day. The overwhelming is real, but also needs a strenght of decision making & doing. I guess this time asks for simplifing, reducing & refocusing in many ways & layers. A responsability & awareness of our global system, of the environmental crisis, the social crisis & art was never more important than now. If we think and live dance as an artform of participation and digestive system, in order to change things for a better world, climate change and system crisis is no longer a feeling of powerlessnes." 






inspiring BOOKS.

James Nestor - Breath - Atem 

Shunryu Suzuki Zen Mind - Beginner's Mind

Moshé Feldenkrais Die Entdeckung des Selbstverständlichen

Donna Haraway Staying with the trouble. Making Kin in the Chthulucene

Jane Bennett Lebhafte Materie

Stefano Mancuso Pflanzenrevolution

Merlin Sheldrake Entangled Life

Steinman The knowing body

Marina Abramovic Durch Mauern gehen

Yuval Noah Harari Sapiens

Jonathan Burrows A Choreographer’s Handbook

Photo top exhibition Isabel Lewis/ Scalable Skeletal Escalator 2021 / Kunsthalle Zurich

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